Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ms. Couric chats it up with Palin...Kness says "GAH!"


Read the above transcript and then my blog it will make more sense...

I wonder what Ms. Couric thinks while doing these interviews, because her face, doesn't look so unbiased. Hehehe.

Well this is what I think. First off feminism is not a girl being able to do traditionally perceived boy things. Women have always taken on hunting, fishing, wood chopping and sports. Most of the women I know have been expected to do everything that the boys can do. Does Sarah Palin really think that is what feminism is? That is what it sounded like to me. What I define my feminism as is, I want to be equally accepted for being born a female. I want my thoughts, work and my experiences to be valued and respected by all I come in contact with in my life. If they are not, I don't want my sex to be a factor in the evaluation of those things. I also don't want to be exploited for being a female either. Females are different then males, (duh) and both sexes should be valued for their different strengths. I know my brain doesn't function the same as my husbands, but it doesn't make it bad. We handle a great many things differently, but I honor my husband for what he is and he does the same to me. Feminism for me comes down more to mutual respect, what is needed in all relationships to function properly.

She says it herself, Joe Biden has the experience. He was giving speeches and she was in the second grade. It is bad for Joe Biden to be 71, but okay for Mc Cain to be 72 running for office. What is this logic? Such blatant hypocrisy. Why is Mc Cain still harping on Obama's inexperience when he chose a running mate that has such marginal governmental experience? A heart beat away is far, far too close!

Next, ah...Sarah Palin can't name one newspaper or book she has read, or reads. What?!? Where does her information come from to create her "world view?"

She sure can tap dance around question she knows are controversial to answer, like the environmental issue. I don't think I have ever heard her say "yes" or "no," to any question. That is an easy statement to make when she has only done a handful of interviews. HA! She does the same thing with the morning after pill question.

One of the biggest issues to me is HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE!!!!! You can't pray it away you can't decided one day to be gay and then not. It doesn't work that way. By her logic, that would mean that she chose to be heterosexual and we are all neutral until some one shows some interest or until we get burned by the opposite sex one to many times and have to switch teams. GAH! This gets me so angry. It shocks me that people believe some one would choose to be gay, and choose to have that kind of discrimination and hate directed toward them from homophobes and bigots. I guess it is people like me that add to the confusion. I am an openly bisexual female. I have always been sexually attracted to both males and females, but I didn't choose to be that way. That is the way my brain works. I married Camden because I am in love with him, but could have easily felt that same strength of love for a female. But really the "gay choice" issue comes down to misinformation and not really knowing a homosexual person. If Sarah Palin were "absolute best friends" with this gay women for 30 years she would probably know better, and since she is in a place of power, shouldn't she want to help the quality of life for her "best friend?" I know I would. She says she isn't going to judge a persons' life, but her not siding with equal rights legislations for gay marriage, adoption, insurance, etc. are judgements. Judgements that state the gay person made a bad choice and should be forever punished by not having the same rights that all heterosexuals have. Ridiculous. Imagine if your child were gay, would you think that your child should be denied a loving marriage, or a child, just because of their sexuality? Anyone out there who could possibly think that being gay is a choice, I ask you to be brave and ask a gay person. Everyone has one in their family, so look them up give them a call and ask.

I hope that people that read this will get their news from reputable sources, Fox News doesn't count, it is ran by Bush's family. Please look up all facts stated in emails and youtube videos you get in your inbox, be it pro-Obama, or pro-Mc Cain. The hate and propaganda politics need to end! Inform yourself to be a responsible voter. Watch and donate to PBS and NPR. I am as liberal as they come (obviously) and I hope for the sake of our country Obama is our next president. Maybe if not only for the sake of the country, but to keep Palin out of the oval office.


Bella said...

i cannot wait for the debate tonight! all i want is for biden to be biden and palin to be palin. if people can open their eyes and minds long enough...the choice should be easy! i hate it that this has almost turned into obama vs palin instead of obama vs mccain. don't get me wrong....the thought of palin anywhere near decisions made for this country KILLS me! but it still needs to be more about mccain, and once again, if people really open their eyes and minds...the decision is easy!