Monday, September 8, 2008

Tumor Treatment...I forgot to mention.

Well, since the tumor is regressing our doctors think that there is no other need for surgery. It has receded from her spinal cord, but it has left a sort of dent in it. It looks like a spinal cord injury on her CT scan. So what they think is the best sort of treatment for her is to get more physical therapy in order to get strength so she can walk. How she improves will really be up to her.

She is works really hard during therapy and when we practice, I am not worried about her at all. She does have feeling in her legs and movement she just needs to expand on that. Our developmental neurologist says that kids that have issues when they are little with hypotonia and such, usually catch up by the time they are three. Woo-hoo! Just in time for preschool! Now we are going to work on getting her a some great therapy that we can afford. We are applying to Shriner's Hospital to see if they can help. They are free, I hope they take her.

She is totally back to normal. You would never guess she had surgery last week. She is outside right now playing with her grandparents and her brother. Just like a normal, healthy, happy baby girl face! We are so blessed. Can't say it enough, I love my kids!


Cadie said...

I think you are all blessed...Elodie is blessed to have such a positive and loving momma on her side!

Cadie said...

I've been to VOODOO lots and lots! My favorite is the Mango Tango - it's a mango-filled donut with icing and tang drink mix sprinkled on top! They also have one with grape koolaid sprinkled on top. And a maple bar with bacon on top! The list goes on. Do you want me to bring you some when I come home in October? They might be a little smashed but they will still taste good! Either that, or you'll just have to make another trip up to Portland! I'll be in Utah the 7th to the 13th! We need to get together! I will see how I can smuggle some Voodoo donuts back to SLC...I think the answer may be tupperware...and a big carry on...

Can't wait to see you!