Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shriner's Meet and Greet..

Yesterday Elodie had her first visit at Shriner's Hospital. Walking into that place was almost magical. It is a beautiful small hospital. It is so clean! The cleanest hospital I have ever been in, all the toys and books looked brand new. I think people are really grateful to be in there, so they take way better care of it than a regular hospital. While we were getting registered, Elodie checked out a dog counting book, with all sorts of puppies in it, she loved that.

We met with Dr. Woiczik, (Y-check). She was very nice and petted Elodie's head. Elodie is getting more and more wary of doctors. That is something I don't know how to fix with her being so small. Now when she lays on the examination table and hears the crinkly paper she gets nervous. Dr. Woiczik did an evaluation of her skills and will be following her progress. She ordered physical therapy for her, and Elodie can go as much as we would like her to go. Elodie was also fitted for some AFOs (ankle foot orthotics). They are braces she will wear when she is getting around that will help her ankles and feet stay in the right position, just like her Happy Straps work for her hips. The hope is that she will get more strength in her feet and ankles if she can learn to stand on them in the good place. She can't stand without help yet. We got to pick out the color and pattern for the velcro and foam. Elodie choose black with little purple, pink, and teal flowers and purple velcro. The ortho tech casted her feet and legs to get an exact fit. She was so good during that process, it took a long time. She will get the braces in a few weeks when they are made. Ahhh....Her first couture item, specially made for my little miss. I told her once she learns to walk I will buy her tons of shoes to wear. One for every outfit if she wants, she deserves it for working so hard against the lump's damage. We are going back on Wednesday for her first physical therapy appointment. We checked out the physical therapy department while we were there, it is super cool! There are so many things to play on and with, she is going to have a blast. (fingers crossed) On Wednesday we will get her on a set schedule for her therapy.

The really cool thing about this hospital is that they will keep tabs on Elodie until she is eighteen, if she needs it. She is in the inner circle. She can get physical therapy, orthopedic braces, x-rays, and medical care all for free. We are so priveledged to be a part of it. The only thing is that this hospital operates on donations. I worry that things that could help my girl could be cut due to the state of the economy. I guess there are big strokey beard meetings going on about that very thing. If you can please donate to Shriner's and other worthy charitable causes. They are tax deductible after all and every little bit helps. If you can't send money, they are happy to take books, toys and time. It really is a lovely place for children. It is so welcoming and pleasant. I am so thankful to have Elodie there. Yeah Shriner's!!!


Bella said...

yeah!!!! i am so excited you guys get to experience shriners!! it truly is so amazing to know that hospitals like that exist all thanks to the kindness of people. all types of people, too. those who can give a nickel and those you can give a million. it all truly makes a difference....and elodie will be proof of that!

Cadie said...

I just love your positive attitude about it all..."her first couture item" - you are the coolest!