Friday, September 26, 2008

Post Op what not....

Don't those words above sound great together? Anywhoooo..... My girl had her post op visit with Dr. Rollins today. It was pretty uneventful. She had to have a chest x-ray to make sure that she healed up fine on the inside. She did. But she freaked out when I put her on the x-ray table. The girl lost it. I know she remembered the last time we were there. She had a chest tube and it hurt so much for her to be picked up and moved around. She is smart, nothing gets by her. She was completely panic stricken! Elodie screamed! That is totally weird because she never, never freaks out like that, especially in public.

Trauma aside, she is fine. Joaquin and Monro came with us. Joaquin was very interested in seeing the bones of his little sister. Her head was kind of down in the frame, so you could see all of her gnarly teeth under her gums. Joaquin loved that, he kept pointing at it and then his teeth and biting the air with excitement. He got a sucker and some stickers for being super cute. He had charmed the office staff in the short time we were there. He was wearing an old pair of sunglasses, and then tucked them in his shirt. The girls in the office were calling him "the movie star." He said bye to each one of them and gave them each a high five and knuckles (or terrorist fist jab, as it has been called on Fox News), and we were out. Ta-Da! So in a few months Elodie will have another CT scan to make sure that the lump is shrinking and that is that. She had two sessions of PT these past few weeks and she has been doing great. Her legs are really engaging.

I am off to make lasagna for a debate watching party over at Ryan's. I can't wait, it is going to be an awesome freak show! Better then Project Runway! Vote for Obama people, he is our only hope!


Melissa said...

OOoo...I hope all goes well. Someone is watching out for these babies and I know that I will work out in the end. It is the in between that is hard sometimes. My Emma is doing WONDERFULLY!!! She can finally do an army crawl. (she is now 13 months) I am thinking that her gross motor skills just need to catch up with her now. And also now that she is in an environment that is constructive she should be able to soar. Intelligently I think she seems way older than she does physically. She communicates really well now. She has started using baby signs and she tries to grunt her point to us when she doesn't know the sign. She has to get tubes in her ears at the end of October so I hope the grunting will turn into different sounds.

Cydne said...

Vanessa, I'm so glad things are looking up with your little one. Aren't all the children's programs in this area great? Abi had surgery & therapy through PC when she was little & the Shriner's programs were always amazing.

The thing I was most amazed by was how resilient children are. Your daughter seems to be blessed with an attitude that will help her through this.

The thing that kept me going through all the uncertainty and fear, was remembering that nothing is ever certain - each moment we share with those we love is a gift.

I hope things continue to go well for you & your family.