Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Elodie Sessions 2

Elodie had another physical therapy session yesterday.  She did so well.  It is really amazing how quickly she is learning.  Elodie even learned a new skill.  She now can change position from laying flat on her back, to sitting on her bum.  Woo-hoo, this is huge!  She bounced on the yoga ball, reached way up high for toys, and did some tall kneeling.  All of these "play" exercises will help her strengthen her back and abdomen and will help her eventually engage her legs.  

Emily suggested we get some orthopedic shorts called "hipsters," they have a webbing in between the legs.  These things are designed to keep baby's legs from doing the "W" sit.  Which is when the kid sits with their legs bent underneath them, but instead of the feet being tucked in under their bum, the feet point outward toward the side.  This kind of sitting is not good for Elodie's hips and could cause her to have a wide staggered walk, when she does eventually start walking.  So immediately when we were finished with the session I went online to look for the shorts.

I couldn't find them anywhere on the web, but I did find something I think will work way better.  They are called Happy Straps.  They are like the shorts in that they will help keep Elodie's legs from splaying out to the side, but they are like a belt and can go over or under her clothes.  I think these will be much easier to deal with then the shorts.  The shorts I guess are made of neoprene and we do early potty training with Elodie, so there would be no easy on and off.  Anyone that has put tights on a baby knows what a fight that is.  I can't even imagine dealing with that everyday!  No thanks!  The Happy Straps just unsnap and drop.  Bam, baby on potty!

The woman that invented the Happy Straps invented them for her son who has hypotonia, after not being able to find something that worked to tuck his legs into the right position.  She got the short thingies and they proved to be an easy match for her son.  While wearing them he still could do the "W" sit.  He started wearing her invention and now he runs, jumps, and tumbles just like any other little boy.  Her name is Janet and she herself emailed me when I had some questions.  How great is that?  She had a genuine interest in Elodie and her condition.  Happy Straps has great costumer service, she even dropped me a line when the straps shipped out today!  I can't wait to get them and try them out on Elodie.  She will probably hate them at first, because they won't let her move in the incorrect way she is used to.  She will adapt, she is a fighter!

Elodie's therapist Emily is going to be moving on to a new job with the Primary Children's group, so we are going to get a new person soon.  I hope that Elodie takes to her new therapist as well as she did Emily.  But my girl likes to meet new people and isn't that shy.  Elodie is moving like crazy all over the floor and has such a need to get up and explore.  It is great to see. Keep sending her good vibes, she will keep improving, and I will keep updating.  I am so stinking proud of her!   


wizkat said...

Happy-straps: check.
Enthusiastic sidekick (mom): check.
Fashionable outfit: double check.

Melissa said...

Yay!! Let me know how the happy straps work for her. I can see us needing those in the future. Oh, and I got that baby backpack at a Yard Sale. I am cheap!!!