Monday, June 30, 2008

Daddy and Elsa Visit Utah!

My dad got married to Elsa in Peru I think in 2005, I know that it was around Christmas time.  It took nearly three years of cutting through immigration red tape to get her to the United States.  It was very expensive and complicated, but well worth it. 

They came to Utah for an all too quick visit.  She has never met anyone so it was very exciting and emotional.  Elsa doesn't have kids of her own so we are her's now.  My kids are so lucky to have another Grandma in their lives to love, cuddle, and teach them things.  So many grandmas, it is hard to keep track.  

They came last weekend.  We were playing that night at the Art's Festival, I asked them if they wanted to come to our show to see us perform.  I was answered with a unison "NO, we will stay with the babies!"  So I cancelled the babysitter and my dad and Elsa stayed home with the kids; mine and Denson's. They all had so much fun.  My dad's heart is so full of love for his grandkids, it is really great to see.  We were so sad to see them leave.  I cried all night.  We hope to see them next summer when we can plan a long restful visit to Illinois.  Until then pics back and forth will have to do.  Boo. 


Cadie said...

Awww...grandparents are so awesome!

Mandy said...


I tagged you. Go to my blog for details!