Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Frustration is UNFATHOMABLE! (said with great anger and lots of spit)

I wish there was some magic bank account that mom's could dip into when their babies were really in need.  A universal well that we all donate to, so that when a baby really needs help the cash is there.  Not for candy, toys, or a cute outfit for some wayside occasion, but for their health and well being.  

You would think this was our paid private insurance, but sadly no.  The money that my husband gives (I say "gives", because the word "pays" implies some sort of service is exchanged and that hasn't really been happenin') to the insurance company every month only covers certain things at certain times and will only give you those services if you give the cute girl guarding the pen bouquet pot twenty more fucking dollars.  (Yeah I said the f-word, wassup?  Pissed here, real reason to swear).  Private insurance can bite my ASS!  It doesn't work for poor patients, it doesn't work for employees, it DOESN'T work!  I don't understand why we should have to pay through the nose for something that I don't get to access.  My little ultrasound I had the other day, that found nothing (thank goodness), and the girl belittled me and insulted my intelligence, cost us a pretty penny of $189.48 that we don't have!  Nice huh?

But I digress, the real reason I am pissed is because I have been doing research on a new therapy method that could help Elodie and it is not covered my insurance.  One of the practitioners of this method, lives so close to us, and does one on one sessions with children charges $150.00 for a half hour! GAH!  There is no way we can afford that, and she would need several sessions.  ARGH!  It is very upsetting.

The method is called Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais.  It has been proven to help all sorts of disorders and such.  You should Google it, it is pretty interesting stuff.  I could use it to ease my frustrations right about now.  I have found a studio downtown that practices Feldenkrais, but not this particular method.  I am not sure yet if there is much of a difference other than she (Anat Baniel) focuses on disabilities and disorders.  I don't know yet if the other studio works with kids either.  I have emailed them to see.

But really....  Blah, blah, blah whatever.  I just want someone to help me teach my baby to walk. That is all I want in this world or any other, and if she won't ever be able to... That is fine, I would just like to be able try everything, everything I possibly can to help her and my sanity!

Senator Obama?  Can you make that magic momma bank account for all the mom's out there that really need help for their babies?  I hope you can!  Oh and stop the war, and bring our troops home.  What a job your gonna have, dude you are brave. 


Cadie said...

I'm just gonna throw this idea out there to you Vanessa, since you want to try everything! Social Workers are the pros at getting things done, so I'm wondering if you have talked to a social worker at the dept. of (I don't know what it's called there - but there should be a department for kids with, for lack of a better word, disabilities)? Maybe there is some funding to help pay for something like this, or maybe those people who run the program you want to get into have a "scholarship" program?? Don't give up! You probably already tried everything...knowing you...I'm sorry it's so frustrating. Health care should be a basic human right...for some reason we have screwed that up in this country - oh wait, I know why! For MONEY!!!!! Money is way more important than human quality of life. HUGS!!!!

Melissa said...

Ya, when did it get so expensive just to live and have the basic needs met?

Bella said...

seeing as how both scott and i work in healthcare...we feel your pain. i work with a lot of refugees and it kills me to see them taken advantage of by our 'wonderful' system. it makes me sick. my heart aches for you! it is so frustrating when you so badly want something for your child, and money stands in the way of getting help. you are such a devoted mom, i'm sure you will find all kinds of avenues and i hope you find one that will help you get your baby what she needs.