Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New Cavedoll...

So I haven't talked about Cavedoll for awhile. There has been a lot going on, but I haven't put it all down. The election usually takes up most of my time on the computer lately, gah. Too much research, I will be so glad when it is over 10 days, mofo! Go Obama Go! Okay enough of that....

After Elodie's lump phase, I felt like my priorities needed to be hard core focused on my family. I felt that being in Cavedoll was a big distraction at the time and it wasn't giving me much pleasure. So I quit. I quit all the time, really. I am like Brett from "Flight of the Conchords," (if you haven't seen that show, then you haven't really lived.) I get frustrated and think that the band is pulling Camden and me apart rather than pushing us closer together and sometime it is. If you haven't noticed, he is always creating music at times he gets lost in it all. I felt that was happening again when Elodie was having surgery and such. He was expressing his emotions through the magic of song, and I was crying my eyes out. It was a lonely time. With much love, understanding, and peer pressure mostly from Camden, I didn't quit after all. It is all self-created drama. I try not to do that, but sometimes I just get so freaking pissed I can't help it! We took a break and now I am feeling better about it. So that is my deal.

Allison cut the hell out of her hand...twice! She cut her thumb with a knife pretty badly one day. Then she cut the part between her pointer finger and her thumb soon after that with a broken glass. That cut was the kicker, it was so deep and awful she had to get stitches. She hasn't been able to play for awhile. I saw it today, it is healed, but it didn't really look like the stitches took. Its healed inside, but she still has a gash. It is quite the scar. She played today and said that it was fine. JanetMarie thinks it was some sort of glass karma, because Allison threw a bottle at a wall one night. Whatever the reason we think it sucks, and it has so hard to see her all bandaged up. We are glad the glasses have stopped taking their revenge.

JanetMarie has been particularly busy. She has had her house completely gutted and remodeled. It is amazing! She got all new appliances, floors, paint, a bathtub (finally!), and two bedrooms. It is not quite finished, but it is so close. It looks beautiful. We are so happy for her and Rick. They totally deserve it. Ryan also built a new deck for them and it looks great. We can't wait to party it up in there and put in some good vibes.

As for Ryan, I have no idea what he has been up to lately, other than he went to the B.A.S.H with JanetMarie and built her pretty deck. I haven't talked to him much because I usually talk in texts and he no longer has texting on his phone. I text Allison and JanetMarie a lot. I miss that so very much with Ryan. Ryan is the funniest texter. He is such a smart ass. (said like Mike Myers' Scottish accent.) I know he has voted and someone stole his cooler, so he had to use a little pink lunch sack to tote his beer and testicles over for the last practice. BAHAHAHAHA! I am hilarious! Ryan is the best. He is the most excellent friend and a great dad. I love having him around.

Finally onto the NEW CAVEDOLL! Josh, TA-DAH! Camden has found another guitar player. Someone he has been wishing for ever since his music put on the current Cavedoll persona. We knew Josh way back in the day when he played for Gerald Music and Hello Amsterdam. He is really nice, quite, but you can see there is definitly some feist there. He is exceptional at learning quickly. Camden has been emailing songs to him and he has got them down. He added some nice new flava to "45 Minute Dance Party" the other day. It is super sweet, you can hear it on our myspace. His guitar is cool and clean sounding and is a good contrast against Camden's. We are thinking about getting rid of the backing track because it is now so full and lush with Josh. He has really brought new life to our songs. He adds soooo much. We are all very excited to write new stuff with him as well. Today we made it somewhat official by posing all together with other local bands for the cover of Live and Local Vol. 5. Woo-Hoo! We are now six of one, half dozen of the other. The same. Our next show is November 15th at the Gallivan Center with Josh in tow and I will try not to quit before then. I will try really hard.


Cadie said...

Oh, Knessie, that must be so hard to be so torn between two jobs that take so much of your focus and energy. I hope you can continue being a superwoman and do it all, but I for one would totally understand if you had to make a choice that took you away from the music for a while! I loved watching you perform with Cavedoll - your stage persona is so sassy and cute just like you only more! It was muy divertido! Good luck!