Sunday, October 5, 2008

Go yearbook yourself...

Everyone is in bed so I am reading blogs and my friend Mandy had this on her blog. ( It is so funny I had to do one. I have been seeing these around on myspace and such, but had no idea what it was until Mandy's blog.

Here is my first attempt Knessa 1994.

It is a bit scary 'cause it looks too real. In 1994 I had long curly hair that I rarely raked through. I parted in the middle and let it go wild. At least in the fake photo I look like I made an effort for my classy yearbook pic. Ugh weird.

Here is the Master Piece Knessa 1964!

Bahahahahaha! I laughed so hard when this popped up! Awesome. I probably would have been this geeky in 1964. You can adjust the photo to make the eyes fit in the glasses, but as you can see I choose not to! Bahahahahahaha! I love this one and the glasses, I think this should be my new press photo. What do ya think?!?

If you make your own, tell me I want to see!


Bella said...

LOVE it!!!! how will camden ever restrain himself? how will i?