Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waiting is the Hardest Part...

Camden dropped Elodie and I out front of Primary Children's Hospital at about a quarter to 8 this morning. The weather was lovely and the babies were in good moods. Camden took Joaquin over the Kelli and Ryan's to be watched for the day. He got to play with their son Steele all day, so he was set.

Elodie and I went in filled out the paper work and waited. She had to drink contrast for the CT scan today. The nurse asked what flavor she would like, (lucky kids get to pick a flavor, the stuff they give adults is plain and chalky and awful.) I said, "Anything but orange would be fine." A few minutes later, she came in with a sippy that was full of orange flavored contrast. She didn't know, but that was the only flavor they had. Great. She had to drink about 9-oz. in an hour. Yuck. We went outside to help it go down easier. I basically had to force feed it to her, but she didn't cry much. She just gurgled it in protest, but still swallowed. Then after she drank that, more waiting. It has to work its way through her system to help the view of the CT.

Camden came up by this time. He said once he drop Joaquin off, he was in instant play mode. Phew. Elodie got another IV after a lot of waiting....yawn.

We then went into the big CT scan room. If you have never seen this machine it is huge. It is a movable bed that slides back and forth through a giant circle that looks like a front loading washing machine. It is weird to put a tiny little person on that monster thing. I held Elodie in my lap as our nurse gave her versaid, a medication to chill her out while she was getting her scan. It was so funny she was doing her usual chatting and then, bam SILLINESS! She just started to giggle. She was looking into my eyes just laughing, then Camden started to pet her hair and she loved it almost purring with laughter. I laid her down on the machine and she cooed and giggled the whole time. Hilarious.

Then we were to go upstairs to the Hematology/Oncology department to get her results. We checked in and waited some more, bickered a lot. Camden isn't very good hospital company, he just sits there looking tired and I want to talk to distract my thoughts. He never wants to talk, really. He never has anything to say. It was irritating for both of us.

The resident told us that the doctor was in a meeting so we should get some food and then come back. Elodie finally got to eat! I automatically go into a hospital cafeteria and get a grilled cheese samich! The craving is from all those days spent on my feet on the floor taking care of patients, ah takes me back. Elodie was in a better mood instantly and so was I. I was so hungry.

Finally the doctor came in and told us what he thinks Elodie has. He thinks she has a neuroblastoma. Now what kind exactly will be determined by a biopsy and bone marrow screen that she is getting tomorrow and another scan she will get probably next week. But the doctor thinks that she doesn't have the aggressive kind, with cells that are rapidly growing and infiltrating other tissues. He believes she has a lower stage kind. I think so too. She hasn't shown any other signs except her lack of strength in her legs. She is so healthy and her prognosis is pretty good. Yeah!

It was an easier day today for Elodie. She got stoned and got cuddled by her mom and dad all day. We had it rough waiting and waiting in those little rooms. That part was exhausting. She is going to be sore after tomorrow, but she will be okay. We have a good team behind us that will make sure she gets everything she needs. She is one tough cookie and so I am, so we aren't scared. We head into storms with our heads on straight and our hoodies on. We should get the results of the biopsy on Friday. Got fingers, cross 'em people!


Bella said...

as exhausting as this is, i hope it is comforting to feel like maybe you are getting some answers as to what is exactly going on. it amazes me how well children tolerate all this testing. hope today goes well for you all!

Mandy said...

I have been waiting on the edge of my seat to hear more about your beautiful baby. You have a great attitude. You are awesome!!! And you guys are such great parents.

I love you and I am thinking of you!!!!!!

Jer said...

I hope it's not weird I comment on personal stuff but damn you're one tough mom. I can't imagine how I would handle the same situation with my own daughters.

I worked on the computer side of things up at University Hospital and there are some amazing people working there. I've got my fingers crossed for your Elodie.

Ramanda said...

Bless your little heart! Why is it that all of this hard stuff is so much harder on the mommies!? I have been putting my good thoughts,enery, and prayers out there for you and your little one! Thanks for the updates! Lots of lovey love!

Cadie said...

Well now it sounds like you are getting somewhere! What a relief it must be to know exactly what it is that you're fighting against. I pray for continued strength and answers and a speedy recovery for cutie pie Elodie. HUGS!!!