Monday, February 23, 2009

Elodie is a Badass!

Just got back from the latest Elodie check up with her Shriner's doctor. Other than it taking absolutely forever (nearly two hours!!!) it went great. What was not great, was hanging out in a tiny room with two very sleepy, very hungry, pre-schoolers trying to see who could whine/cry the loudest to Mom. Joaquin won of course. I wonder how many years have been taken off my life by just sitting in tiny waiting rooms with whining crying pre-schoolers. Where is the data on that one I am guessing, four at least!

The orthopedist said that we are doing everything we should to keep her growing strong. We are to continue with physical therapy, get the wheel chair and walker and then wait and see. Also she wants me to continue with her massage so that her feet don't turn in and contract. Without that they could be like the wicked witch's in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy takes the ruby slippers off. Not good. We have to be careful that she doesn't get injured on her legs, she could have a sprain or cut and not know it. We just have to be aware and not to let her get too crazy when she is playing.

Elodie also saw a neurologist to discuss what kind of sensation she has in her feet and legs. She examined her reflexes and said that there is actually quite a bit of response, so her decreased sensation might not be as bad as we first thought. She was also very hopeful about us being able to potty train Elodie in a regular way. Some kids that are paralyzed can't feel down there when they have to go, so they have to be catheterized and use enemas and whatnot. Ugh. But Elodie has periods of dryness and she has never been a constipated baby, so the out look on that is great. Phew.

The doctors today were very hopeful about Elodie someday learning how to walk. She will need assistance, but they even think that she won't always need assistance. Woo-Hoo! I would trust these doctors over anyone else. They see kids similar and more severe to Elodie day in and day out and can spot the ones that really want to move and groove. Elodie is for sure one of those. She has been getting into so much trouble lately. She has been acting like a two year, a regular bitch ass two year old. It is awesome! Just love her to pieces and I am so happy that she is developing and growing up. It may not be the "normal" way or always an upright standing-walking sort of way, but it is her own and she is rocking it! Who cares what "normal" is anyway when you are that freaking adorable? If I do say so kid is cute.


Hope said...

I love her chin and cute! By the way, is that curl in her hair natural??? Lucky girl.

Mandy said...

Cute.... No.

freaking ADORABLE and GORGEOUS... fo' shiz-o.

I love her, and I don't even know her. she is a special girl. If you ever think you wnt to get rid of her, call me up! I'll take her!!! ;) Love ya!

Robin Conner said...

She is a cutie! I'm glad you posted a pic of her. She is a trouper and a fighter. She has spunk, you can see it in her eyes. It was good to read the positive updates. I can only imagine all you've been through! You're a good mommy! Keep up the good work!

camden said...

Elodie is a total badass and you're a freakin saint for sitting in those waiting rooms without losing your mind. Well done my dear!

love you!

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

hi vanessa, hope you don't mind i'm following your blog and your adorable little girl's progress.
your strength is amazing.