Friday, December 12, 2008

Josher's Brag Blog...

I am still in shock to look over at every practice and show and see JOSH F-ING EMERY!!! (F-ing isn't really his middle name, it is Christopher, explicative used only for dramatic effect.) I have admired Josh since he was in Gerald Music and now he is in my band. I am so happy and lucky.

Josh is handy and prepared. He usually always has gum and when he doesn't he shows you the gum in his mouth, to indicate that it is his last piece. I don't know why, it cracks me up when people do that. Josh has terribly cute habits. He will open his beer and then twist the cap back on in between drinks, weird huh. I have never seen another person do this. He seeks out the walls and the corners of rooms. He likes to just sit back and watch the whole scene unfold before him, taking it all in and filing it away. Josh has the best laugh, much like Janet. It is always my goal to crack Josh up, so I can hear his laugh and see his great smile. Josh has let me use his chap stick without fear of my girl cooties. I think that is so intimate, sweet, and a true sign of friendship. Ask a friend to use their chap stick, if they wipe it off before or after you use it, they hate you. It is true.

He has great relationships with his family. It is so lovely how he can just go to his parents' house and relax. He loves his brother and sister so much and talks about them often. He has the most beautiful daughter. I have yet to meet her, but you can see in her photos that she is smart, vibrate and will figure you out completely. Her eyes are intense and gorgeous. Josh is such a good daddy to her. He radiates such love when he speaks of her, it is going to be cool to see him with her when she comes to visit for the holidays. We already have a playdate planned with Monro. Awesome.

Josh is the kind of friend that no matter what your plans are he is cool with it. You want to sit and watch a movie, Josh is down. You want to record kick ass music, Josh is so down. You just have to be the initiator and plan maker and he will be there. Josh is a very interesting person. He is so relaxed, but he is absolutely up for anything, including weirdo China Blue parties. He is down for hanging out until the wee hours of the morning with hardly a yawn. High energy people are the best, but you would never know he is like that. He needs a bit of warming up, not much, just a bit.

Josh and I have a lot in common. We have been through so many similar experiences. It is nice to have a friend around that knows where you are coming from. It has been such a short time that I have gotten to know him, but like everyone else in my band, I feel like I have always known him. He is familiar and comfortable to be around. He is so clever and witty. He cracks me up constantly. The other day he texted me in a movie, and I was trying to be all sly and read it under my coat. I get to the end of the message and it says, "PS-You really shouldn't be reading this in the movie theater." I lost it! I was trying so hard not to laugh, because of course it was a totally inappropriate moment in the movie to laugh. Ah, he is far too funny to handle.

He has a cool job. He prevents fraud and saves people from annoying hassles. He is a cyber super hero and it is very impressive. When he talks about work, I get the impression he is a really good boss. How could he not be, being as chill as he is? Josh is a geek like me. We love Harry Potter, Jim Henson, Star Wars, Pirates the works. It is forever nice to be in the presence of a geek. I don't feel shame when complaining about the sixth movie not being fucking released in November when it bloody well should have...ahem...I digress. Josh is the normal looking one in this picture.

Josh, I dig you. I tell you how great you are and I know you have no idea how to handle it and for that I am sorry. You, my little friend, are just going to have to come to grips with being a total BADASS. I am in awe of you all the time. I am always thrilled when we hang out and play shows together. You have really added so much to the music and it is crazy what a huge change it has made in our group dynamic. I have had my friends come up to me afterward and tell me how good and different the energy feels now. I attribute a lot of that to the addition of you. I am so happy and thankful to have you in my life now. You are so inspiring and I can't wait to make more music with you. Thank you for joining us and thank so so so so very much for being my friend.

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