Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camden on The Colbert Report...

This is one of the strangest television moments I have ever had. Camden wasn't feeling very well, so he decided to sleep upstairs. I was in our room, reading and listening to TV. I was buried in my book when from the TV I heard hysterical laughing. I looked up and see my husband's body with AL ROCKER'S head superimposed onto it. No kidding!!! I was freaking out, thinking, WTF?!? The weird thing is that I wasn't even paying attention to the television until that moment, it was just on for noise.

I came out here to the computer to check if it was really him. I played the clip over and over again. Yes, indeed I was right it is Camden! He did a photo shoot about three years ago with a well known photographer named Daniel Arsenault. He sells stock photos, so that is where they got ahold of my Camden. Hilarious. Here is the clip if you want to see it. His body is about two minutes and fifteen seconds into the clip. They gave Camden's body a tan, but that is his tattoo and my old pants and belt! Wah!



Jer said...

That's so disturbing but so funny at the same time.

Bella said...

wow! he was so tan. :) that really is so funny!!

Mandy said...

Oh my hell!! That is the funniest thing EVER!!!!

I Love it! And I love Al Roker!

Who knew??