Monday, May 12, 2008

Elodie's Big Day!

We had a great day yesterday.  Camden made us all breakfast and bought flowers for me.  Then once we all got up and around we went to the park to play.  Elodie got to swing in the big kid swing and play on the playground.  After a nap we had CAKE, yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Elodie ate the whole piece and we were so scared she was going to get sick like Joaquin did with the sugar cookie.  Monro made a lovely card and painting for my Mother's Day present.  Joaquin told me "I luh loo," and Elodie turned one for me!  It was such a beautiful day and here are the pictures <---Click it is a link!


wizkat said...

Those bday pics are so great. It looks like you had a wonderful mother's day! I can't believe how many teeth Elodie has and how big she's getting. I know that your life is hard at times - like keeping 10 plates spinning - but days like that make it all worth it, right? You have such a cute little family. :)