Friday, April 25, 2008

So this is MY blog

Since my son Joaquin was born I have been sending out a picture emails with updates on our family and the every day events we experience.  I decided that I should start doing my updates here on the web for more than just my email list to see and experience.  We have friends and family all over the globe now.

Ta-da!  A blog is born.  I was blogging for Camden on the Cavedoll blog, but I think that is better left an MP3 blog.  Here I will have my hilarious ramblings that make me so unique and lovable and I can say whatever I like!  HAHAHA!

So subscribe, send this link to other friends and family, pass it around to all who are near and far. The content will be much the same as my picture emails.  I will probably post more here, because I don't usually  send out too many emails.  I don't like to bug people.  It is clearly your choice to tune in and see your favorite family The Chamberlains (or Chambanguones all 3 last names combine, wah!).  Send me a link to your blog or website and I will post it to my "Lovely Links."

I hope you read along and comment often and create a blog for your own family if you haven't.  Loves to all! ~Knessa~


Cadie said...

Yaaaay, Knessa has a blog! Yipee!

Cadie said...

I think I duplicated my comment in all my excitement. Sorry.

Ramanda said...

I am excited about this! I love your writing style and I look forward to seeing the things you write about! I'll be checking in often!